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Hi, I'm an avid Piano and keyboard player. I've been playing since 1995. I hold grade 8 merit in keyboard, and grade 7 in piano. At present, I'm studying for my grade 8 piano. I also hold grade 5 in music theory. All my practical exams were with LCM, ( London college of music), and my theory was with ABRSM, ( Associate Board for the Royal Schools of Music).

My approach to teaching is in a professional manner as I used to be a Rolled Glass manufacturing manager, and have taught numerous people in a classroom environment and also 1-1 scenarios. I'm a qualified trainer and assessor, so presenting information and assessing the outcome is essential to the learning curve development. I use Sibelius 5, which is a PC based software for music writing development, and Auralia, which is a theory based software.

I hope that my personal statement is a motivation to you wanting to learn piano or keyboard, and hopefully we can link up to get started and unleash your hidden talent.

Regards John

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  • Retired Glass manufacturing manager of 40 years. Started playing piano and keyboard as a hobby, and enjoyed it so much that I decided to take the exams to constructively build up my experience of music. I have reached the pinnacles if both instruments and enjoy playing and teaching every day. I teach on Yamaha digital piano that's suits both piano and keyboard needs.
  • Grade 8 (merit), in keyboard. (LCM)
  • Grade 7 piano ( currently studying grade 8) (LCM)
  • Grade 5 theory (ABRSM)
  • Professional glass manufacturing manager
  • Qualified trainer and assessor
  • Experienced in classroom and 1-1 environmental teaching.

My Lessons

  • Electronic keyboard and piano.
  • Music theory.
Ages and Levels
  • All ages
  • Beginner to intermediate (grade 5)
  • Music theory taught in every lesson through the music being taught.
Rates and Fees
  • £20 for 60 minutes
  • £12 for 30 minutes
  • I will travel a radius of 10 miles from my home.


  • Your first lesson is free..
  • Check out my webpage for more information on aspects of keyboard and piano.


Work Hours
Monday to Friday, mornings, afternoons and early evenings, upto 19:00hrs. Saturday and Sunday from 12:00hrs to 16:00hrs.

Willing to travel
up to 10 miles


Prescot (Merseyside)
North West
United Kingdom

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