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Jan Steele

in Jazz , Flute , Classical Music , Clarinet , Saxophone

I'm a very experienced (over 45 years) teacher of flute, saxophone, clarinet, music theory, and jazz improvization.

North London Music Academy

in French Horn , Flute , Musical Theatre Singing , Soul , Saxophone

The Academy creates musicians. Born out of a belief that music is for everyone (adults and children) & developed to challenge those who disagree. We strive to commit every music lesson to enhancing, inspiring & teaching the next generation of artists

Fay's Arts & Crafts

in Basketry , Pencil Drawing , Watercolours Painting , Card Making , Sewing

The lessons will allow students to explore art creatively and build up confidence. The step by step demonstrations provided will be particularly useful to introductory learners. By the end of the course you should be able to apply a variety of skills

Three Little Pigs

in Basketry , Other Craftworks , Candlemaking , Goldsmith / Silversmith , Soap Making

We host a variety of interesting and creative workshops. If you have ever fancied the idea of learning a new skill in a fun, informal environment or simply want to treat yourself or a friend to a great day out then come along and join us.

Anthony Raybould

in Other Music , Body Conditioning , Other Fitness , University Nursing , Step Fitness

I am an adviser for business and individual development who assists with planning the pathway to a target achievement

ODNPC language science services

in Personal Interview , Autism , Dyspraxia , Management , Presentations

ODNPC delivers language science services and training, ranging big data to individual behaviour, to public and private sector organisations.

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by Paul Gotti

Hastie Recruitment Aviation - VIP Training Academy

in Leadership , Other Personal Skills , Stress Management , CV Writing , Personal Interview

Hastie Recruitment's training academy offers the most state of the art bespoke VIP flight attendant training. Perfectly designed for all who are looking to acquire the necessary skills, resources and knowledge to be the very best in the business

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This is an absolutely amazing training course. It is ...

Joanna Murphy

in Voice Training , Other Communication Skills , Public Speaking , Accent Softening , Personal Interview

The nature of my work is highly practical: after an initial period of consultation discussing and assessing each individual’s precise needs we start working in an interactive way focused on each area, (or areas) that we need to cover.