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Train the Trainer Programme - Become An Etiquette Consultant (Online Course)

You can turn your love for social graces and good manners into a lucrative career, either full time or part-time. This is a 6-week, self-paced online course for people who desire to become a certified etiquette consultant. Once subscribed, you can learn anywhere anytime to suit your lifestyle with unlimited access to the course content.

There are 70 videos with 2 downloadable eBooks, PDF readings, tasks, exercise, quiz, templates, and teaching PowerPoint slides. The course is based on British etiquette and internationally recognised protocols.

The course includes the following topics:

British Social Etiquette

Fine Dining Etiquette

Image and Styling

Graceful Deportment Lessons

Body Language and Communication Skills

Business and International Business Etiquette

Public Speaking Skills

International Protocol

Etiquette for Children and Young Adults

How to prepare and start a business of etiquette consulting

Meanwhile, fac-to-face training is also available. Please visit our website and contact us for more information.

  • To become a certified etiquette consultant
  • You can work full time or part-time, locally or internationally
  • To achieve financial success
  • To impact and change people's life
  • Love social graces and good manners
  • Have an positive attitude


  • Week 1 - British Social and Fine Dining Etiquette
  • Week 2 - Image, Styling and Deportment
  • Week 3 - Business Etiquette
  • Week 4 - Business Etiquette
  • Week 5 - International Protocol and Etiquette for the Young
  • Week 6 - Prepare and Start your Etiquette Consulting Career


London Wimbledon

89b Quicks Road, London,

SW19 1EX
Greater London
United Kingdom

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Price £ 999

Duration: 22h 35min


From: 14/May/2021

12:00 am - 12:00 am

Where London Wimbledon

89b Quicks Road, London,
- SW19 1EX

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