5 Studying Tips for Exams

Exams can be scary and stressful if you are not well prepared. These 5 tips will help you gain confidence and no longer be scared of exams.

When having exams you usually feel either scared, careless or confident about what you did through the year. I've been through all of them; the worst feeling is scared or careless, and the best is when I was confident about what I did through the year.

Here are some study tips for exams:

1. Use questions of previous years' exams

The first thing you need to know is what are the main parts of the subject, and the best way to know this is by finding out the questions of previous years' exams. Writing questions from 3 to 5 exams from previous years will give you a quick and deep insight about the subject and what are the parts that you should focus on more.

2. Start with the parts you know best

Don't start studying for exams with the parts you do not know: It is recommended to start studying the parts you already know. It is also recommended to divide the parts you know among the parts that you do not know so that you do not feel bored while studying for exams.

3. Only study the next exam subject

You may think of studying the subject of the exam you have after your next exam because you have some extra time. Doing so can confuse you while solving your next exam, so it is recommended not to study for the exam which is after your next exam to not get confused.

4. Distribute your time between subjects

Every year there are long and hard subjects and others that are short and easy. Distribute the studying time for each topic so that you know how long each subject will consume. For example, put three days for physics and math, two days for chemistry and one day for the English subject. This will help you study all the subjects in its required time. You have to switch to the other subject in the required time even if you did not finish studying the previous subject. This is why it is so important to put enough time to organise your studying schedule.

5. Revise in your relaxing time

Relax time for me was before I went to sleep, after I woke up and while I took a shower. Revising in these times by thinking about what I studied during the day in detail helped me, later on, to remember information quickly and easily while doing my exam. This also helped me avoid blackouts while doing my exam.

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18 Sep 2017

By Ahmed Al Abyad
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