Events between 06/30/2020 and 07/04/2020


in Other Metal Crafts , Wire Sculpture , Leather Work , Blacksmithing , Metalcraft

On this course you will learn to forgeweld two pieces of metal together, one mild steel and one 1055. The method used is the bowmethod style. You will learn to bevel the back part of the blade so that it fits into the mild steel.

Ripon (North Yorkshire YH) - HG4 3JB

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£ 225
When Sat 01/Sep/2018 11:00 am - 04:00 pm

Free Online Level 1 in Personal Social Development

in Productivity , Life , Other Personal , Motivation , Stress Management

The purpose of this qualification is to enable you to operate independently and effectively in life, learning and work.

High Holborn

235 High Holborn London
London (City of London) - WC1V 7LE

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When Fri 03/Apr/2020 09:30 am - 11:30 am

Blacksmith Knife

in Metalcraft , Wire Sculpture , Other Metal Crafts , Blacksmithing

On this course you will learn to make a blacksmith knife from a piece of 1055 steel. It is a cross between blacksmithing and knifemaking. This will involve forging the metal, hammering and shaping the knife using a gas/coal forge and anvil.

Ripon (North Yorkshire YH) - HG4 3JB

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£ 200
When Fri 31/Aug/2018 11:00 am - 04:00 pm

Practical Bookkeeping & VAT

in Accounting , Other Accounting & Bookeeping , Bookkeeping , AAT , IAB

The primary focus of this course is to furnish you with practical knowledge and skills required for bookkeeping and submission of VAT Returns to HMRC.


Greenford (Ealing)

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£ 350
When Tue 01/Oct/2019 09:00 am - 09:00 pm

The NED Accelerator Programme by NEDonBoard

in Other Business Skills , Leadership , Economics , Management , Influence

Build the confidence you need to grow your NED and board portfolio Learn at your own pace with varied online modules, saving time and money in the process Access exclusive content, such as the NEDonBoard highly-acclaimed publication “What to Expect

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£ 997
When Tue 02/Jun/2020 08:00 am - 05:00 pm

Power BI Essentials: Build & Share a Dashboard for COVID-19

in Other IT , Other Software , GUI Design , Other Basic IT , Other Office Productivity

This course provides hands on practical experience in building an engaging and effective dashboard in Power BI. Enroll here:

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When Fri 05/Jun/2020 11:00 pm - 11:00 pm


in Mindfulness , Motivation , Leadership , Life , Productivity

4 weeks of workouts (1-30 June) + 1 EXCLUSIVE LIVE event with coach (1 July). Starting on 1st June you will be doing workouts on motivation to practice in your life. On 1st July I will guide you through a LIVE session that will transform your life.

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£ 100
When Mon 01/Jun/2020 06:00 pm - 07:00 pm

Intensive Fashion Portfolio course program

in Sketching , Dressmaking & Tailoring , Coloured Pencil Drawing , Pencil Drawing , Other Drawing

The objective of the course is to create a consistent and coherent Portfolio of works, in order to apply for internships/jobs in the Fashion industry, while learning key principles of how to develop creative ideas and produce an innovative outcome.

Camden Town (Camden)

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£ 1.50
When Sun 12/Apr/2020 12:00 am - 12:00 am

Internal Activation of the Pineal Gland Seminar

in Mindfulness , Meditation

Activate your Third Eye (Pineal Gland) with this unique Method created 30 years ago in South America. Manage stress, achieve restful sleep, be more creative and enhance your intuition by connecting to Spirit and learning how to use your inner powers.

London (City of London)

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£ 105
When Sat 04/Jul/2020 07:00 am - 11:30 am

Fibre Reinforced Concrete (FRC)

in Construction , University Engineering , Other University Tuition

Cracking of concrete is inevitable and at the same time civil and structural engineers are spending much time and efforts to control this phenomenon. Please join the Online Course and learn about Fibre Reinforced Concrete (FRC).

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£ 8
When Sat 04/Jul/2020 06:00 pm - 06:00 pm