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Tue 04 Dec
£ 1,200

Level 4 Online Diploma in Computing

in Other IT , Other Programming Languages , Networks , Hardware , Other Software Development

The ATHE Online Level 4 Diploma in Computing is a good course to start your studies and career in computing. In the modern world, skills and knowledge in computer systems and information technology are necessary.

Wed 01 Apr
in Spanish (European) Courses , Spanish (Latin American) Courses

Spanish Post Beginners

This course is for people who know a little of Spanish. The context includes a variety of ...

at The Wheelhouse

Sat 05 Sep
in Relaxation Courses , Other Health Courses , Mindfulness Courses , Meditation Courses

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma

Over the 10 month course we ensure students have all the knowledge and understanding requi...

Special Courses

Tue Jul 07
£ 7.50


in Life , Other Home & Life , Other Health , Meditation , Other Personal

Steve & Amy Hounsome hold a Virtual Spiritual Development Circle in Poole once per month. A chance to develop your Mediumship and Psychic ability with Steve & Amy Hounsome! Groups of 10 people. To book your place go to


Fri May 01
£ 30

Online - THE SEEKERS QUEST - An experiential Journey Through the Tarot!

in Other Health , Other Tuition , Other Home & Life , Other Personal

This Online Tarot Course offers you an experience of the Tarot unlike any other! Rather than learning how to read the Tarot, this offers you the chance of a personal experience of the Major Arcana, 1 card per month. Monthly payment option available!


Mon Jun 10
£ 25

Pad Revolution. Practice pad online course for drummers.

in Rhythm & Blues , Drums (Set) , Jazz , World Music , Improvisation

This course by professional drummer Siemy Di is for anyone who can already play the drums and wants to maximise their practice, save time and improve overall drumming abilities. You will improve your ambidexterity, balance, awareness of time & space.

at World wide

Fri Apr 10
£ 45


in Other Personal , Other Lifestyles , Other Tuition , Other Social Games , Other Health

Learn how to use the Tarot for personal development and professional therapy and gain professional recognition as a Tarot Therapist. The Course takes place over one year, consisting of twelve days. No prior knowledge of the Tarot is required.


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