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Fri 19 Jun
£ 39

Health and Social care selection / Health & Social Care Certificate Training Course

in Other Professional Skills , Other Health , Other Home & Life

This is a selection for health and social care including the diploma at £39. Most of the courses in this selection are only £10 each and are accredited courses. Available ongoing 24/7 from 19 June

Sun 09 Aug
in University Engineering Courses , Other University Tuition Courses , Construction Courses

Free "Fibre Reinforced Concrete" in Udemy

Cracking of concrete is inevitable and at the same time civil and structural engineers are...

Tue 04 Dec

How to Start Your Own Business – Short Course

Realise your vision – start your own business today! This interactive course will help yo...

Tue 04 Dec
in Other Software Development Courses , Hardware Courses , Other IT Courses , Other Programming Languages Courses , Networks Courses

Level 4 Online Diploma in Computing

The ATHE Online Level 4 Diploma in Computing is a good course to start your studies and ca...

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Fri May 01
£ 30

Online - THE SEEKERS QUEST - An experiential Journey Through the Tarot!

in Other Health , Other Personal , Other Home & Life , Other Tuition

This Online Tarot Course offers you an experience of the Tarot unlike any other! Rather than learning how to read the Tarot, this offers you the chance of a personal experience of the Major Arcana, 1 card per month. Monthly payment option available!


Fri Apr 10
£ 45


in Other Lifestyles , Other Social Games , Other Health , Other Personal , Other Tuition

Learn how to use the Tarot for personal development and professional therapy and gain professional recognition as a Tarot Therapist. The Course takes place over one year, consisting of twelve days. No prior knowledge of the Tarot is required.


Tue Aug 25
£ 7.50


in Other Lifestyles , Meditation , Relaxation , Mindfulness , Other Personal

VIRTUAL Meditation Groups with Steve Hounsome. Learn, experience, practice and explore all types of Meditation. Discover all the benefits Meditation can bring. For beginners to experienced! Book your place at:


Thu Nov 05
£ 480

Data Storytelling - Online Course

in Presentations , Leadership , Influence , Storytelling , Public Speaking

This course is all about how do you take your data science project and turn it into a compelling data story that motivates your audience into action through structure, emotion and behavioural nudges.

at Online

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